Axie Infinity Is the Most Googled NFT Collection of 2021

  • Axie Infinity is officially the most googled NFT collection, with a total of 706,000 monthly global searches
  • NBA Top Shot ranks as the second most googled NFT, reaching 396,000 monthly global searches
  • CryptoPunks places third, receiving 42,000 monthly global searches

Axie Infinity has been revealed to be the most searched for NFT (non-fungible token) collection of this year.

Analysis carried out by Bacancy, a leading software company with specialities in blockchain development, researched the most sought after NFTs of 2021 based on the amount of times they are searched on Google each month. Axie Infinity came out on top, with 706,000 monthly global searches.

The popularity of NFTs has exploded in the past year, with the global number of searches for “NFT” averaging at 1.6 million hits per month. Recent exposure from celebrities and the media has led to the trading resource being labelled as the “new crypto”.

Axie Infinity was found to be the most searched for NFT of 2021. The collection consists of “Axies” – characters within an online game that is similar to Pokemon, with each character digitised as an NFT that is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Players collect and battle with the creatures and can also trade them, allowing users to make money playing the game. The collection can be considered the most popular NFTs available, with an all-time value of $3.06 billion and 1.06 million traders, and global searches averaging 706,000 per month.

Receiving an average of 396,000 monthly global searches, the second most searched for NFT collection is NBA Top Shot. The collection consists of NBA highlights labelled as ‘digital moments’, where owners have access to specific exclusive NBA footage. NBA Top Shot has a total of 473,442 traders, resulting in an all-time value of $726.53 million.

CryptoPunks comes in third place, with 42,000 global searches. The NFT collection is commonly credited with starting the 2021 NFT craze, having been one of the first crypto art collections to hit the blockchain market. The collection has the second highest all-time value at $1.6 billion, as well as the most expensive trade NFTs have ever recorded. CryptoPunk #9998 sold for $530 million on 28th October 2021, however this was later revealed to be the same person transferring the NFT between digital wallets.

The Art Blocks collection comes in fourth place, receiving 10,000 global searches. The NFT collection is branded as virtual art, where owners have access to exclusive digital artwork from various artists. 

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) ranks as the fifth most googled NFT collection, with 3,900 global searches. The NFTs are similar to CryptoPunks in that they are labelled as crypto art, with owners having access to a members-only area on MetaMask.

Top 5 most searched for NFT collections:

NFT Collection Average monthly searches Rank
Axie Infinity 706,000 1
NBA Top Shot 396,000 2
CryptoPunks 42,000 3
Art Blocks 10,000 4
Bored Ape Yacht Club 3,900 5

A spokesperson for Bacancy commented: “The recent surge in NFT interest and sales provides a new and exciting market for blockchains. The variety of NFT collections available creates a interesting new approach to digital art and collectibles. The growth of NFT’s should be very interesting to watch over the coming months as individuals and businesses continue to innovate in the space.”

The research was conducted by app development company Bacancy Technology, an exclusive hub of top software developers, UI/UX designers, QA experts and more, offering development services for the creation of high-end, enviable applications.

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