Bitcoin Volatility Plummets to a new low. Crypto Whales Exit in Favor of new Altcoins for immediate profit. Is This The Top Pick?

Crypto analysts are anxiously monitoring the markets for the best DeFi coins that will improve the value of their crypto holdings. This anxiety was born out of Bitcoin’s significant volatility drop in August. To many traders, this drop signifies that the world’s number one cryptocurrency is experiencing less activity from crypto traders. This has challenged savvy investors to make efforts targeted at protecting their portfolios with viable cryptocurrencies in 2023.

InQubeta (QUBE) was recently introduced as an AI altcoin designed to change the overall outlook on cryptocurrency use cases. The crypto crowdfunding platform will allow investors to have fractional stakes in AI startups, offering a new way to diversify investment portfolios and generate massive gains in 2023. Many crypto whales have started to purchase QUBE tokens to solidify their stakes in the crypto market.

Let’s explore how Bitcoin’s all-time low volatility plummet has made crypto whales favor this AI altcoin to generate massive gains in 2023.

InQubeta (QUBE) Encourages Investors to Diversify their Investments with AI

InQubeta is on a mission to merge AI with the crypto market by offering investors a chance to invest in promising AI startups. Many investors are still determining how to invest in AI startups. Still, InQubeta bridges that gap by providing QUBE tokens to gain access to the most secure AI investment opportunities. This gives investors all the benefits of being early backers while giving AI startups the funding they need to develop their projects.

The QUBE tokens allow investors and crypto whales to stake their tokens and earn from a dedicated reward pool. This serves as a means of getting passive income from the InQubeta ecosystem. This AI altcoin has a reward pool funded through a 5% buy and sell tax on all QUBE transactions, ensuring a steady supply of rewards for InQubeta community members.

InQubeta is the best cryptocurrency to add to your portfolio this year. It is only in the third stage of its presale, where it has already raised over $2.2 million. It is currently being sold for $0.0112. Buying QUBE tokens now will increase an investor’s profit when the token launches at $0.0308. This explains why many crypto whales favor this AI altcoin to generate massive gains in 2023.

When the token launches officially, investors will also gain governance rights in InQubeta’s community. QUBE token holders will have the chance to suggest and propose ideas concerning InQubeta’s direction. The community then votes to select and implement the best ideas, building a sense of ownership and responsibility among QUBE holders. This makes InQubeta one of the best DeFi coins to add to your portfolio in 2023.

Investors Speculate Over Bitcoin’s (BTC) Future Amid Price Drop

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has been the most trusted cryptocurrency in the world, but that trust appears to be dropping lately. One of Bitcoin’s best qualities used to be its reliable volatility, but its recent 15% volatility drop has significantly affected this crypto’s flexibility in the market. The public perception of BTC is that traders are becoming disinterested in the cryptocurrency, causing worry among investors.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be introduced to financial markets, and has stayed at the top of the cryptocurrency lists, often directing the market flow of other cryptos. Although a few investors are concerned about Bitcoin’s future amid the recent volatility drops, analysts suggest that Bitcoin still has a significant pull on the market. Many loyal crypto investors hope BTC will recover as US inflation rates stabilize. The consensus is that many institutions are increasing their Bitcoin holdings in hopes of a future hike.


Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency by market cap, but many investors are now looking for different promising crypto projects to diversify and boost their portfolios. InQubeta’s early presale success makes it the best cryptocurrency to add to your holdings. Investing in QUBE tokens now will allow you to purchase them at an affordable price before the price surges. This is why many crypto whales favor this AI altcoin in hopes of getting massive gains in 2023 and beyond.

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