Crypto Analyst Egrag Crypto Thinks Ripple May Rise In 2024; Injective Awaits Major Upgrade Whilst Pullix Prepares For Q1 Launch

Crypto analyst Egrag Crypto posted a chart believing that Ripple could potentially pump soon. Meanwhile, the Injective community looks forward to the Volan Mainnet upgrade this week. 

Also Pullix which is now in the 5th stage of its ICO is set to be launching a BETA version of its hybrid trading platform this month. Analysts reckon a significant price increase for its native token, PLX, after the launch.

Ripple (XRP) To Ride The Crypto Wave?

Crypto analyst Egrag Crypto has released a technical analysis that shows Ripple might rise to in 2024 resembling a Gamma-Ray Burst. 

The analysis also pointed to the two “Bull Market Lines” on the chart, which have influenced Ripple prices. Egrag predicted a third encounter with these lines, which may signal a new rise.

However, Egrag noted that Ripple must break $1.20 to reach the ‘Bull Market Line – 2’. According to Egrag, “Once the bullish cross happens, almost one month later, the XRP bull run starts,” matching chart marks ‘Cross 1’ and ‘Cross 2’. 

The analyst predicts a bearish-to-bullish crossover. If the analyst’s prediction stands, Ripple coin could soon jump to the top 5 cryptocurrencies.

Injective (INJ) Volan Mainnet Upgrade is Here 

For the last ten weeks, Injective (INJ) has been trading between $32 and $44, which indicates promising trends for the token’s future. The expectation of more gains is maintained by this upward trend, growing investment interest, and growing market confidence. 

In addition, the Volan Mainnet upgrade from Injective is scheduled for this Thursday. The network will gain new features, capabilities, and enhancements as a result of the upgrade.

Additionally, the upgrading can increase the cost of the injectable. The Injective coin is now worth between $32.68 and $44.68. It has gained 2,592.8% annually.

Pullix (PLX) To Launch Before the End of Q1 2024

Investors are excited as the Pullix (PLX) hybrid platform launch draws near. The platform brings new and exciting features to the world of trading. These features include faster transactions, liquidity, privacy, and more. 

These are features that users will not find in one CEX, but Pullix has it all. This ICO combines the advantages of decentralized and centralized exchanges. Pullix’s response to the frequent difficulties of limited assets and liquidity is one of its significant successes.

Pullix allows users to trade a wide range of asset types, such as FX, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stocks. Large trade volumes are a well-known feature of these markets. As a result, Pullix never has a liquidity problem.

Also, Pullix places a high priority on privacy and security. Pullix users may fully manage and store their assets, including private keys, greatly enhancing portfolio security. Pullix also intends to include a number of unique features that go above and beyond what is offered by traditional trading platforms. 

The AI trading feature comes first. The purpose of these cutting-edge tools is to give traders data-driven insights and analysis. Trading with Pullix will involve more than using these AI tools. They are built to help traders make more educated trading decisions.

Its AI-powered tools are designed to enable customers to make smart trades and earn more money. These features and the utility of the PLX token has seen its presale amass over 3,000 holders during the first 6 stages of its 8 stage presale.

In Conclusion

Ripple and Injective look primed for a major price rally in the coming weeks. On the other hand, Pullix has established itself as an upcoming project on the market. Having raised over $3.3million and no signs of slowing investors are now eagerly anticipating the launch of the TradFi’s Beta platform launch towards the end of the month. Users can benefit from more liquidity, faster transactions, and access to more assets.

Pullix has already entered stage 6 of its presale with 1 PLX worth $0.08. Investors have bought over 65million tokens within a few weeks.

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