Crypto Gambling Pioneer EarnBet Launches BeTheHouse Casino

For years, EarnBet has served as a one-stop solution for decentralized gambling, providing not only a number of highly-entertaining games, but also an industry-first profit sharing mechanism for BET token holders. 

After processing hundreds of millions in player wagers and giving back $10 million as dividends, EarnBet is now launching BeTheHouse, a new casino featuring award-winning games, generous promotions, a unique leveling system, and a BET buyback commitment. Moreover, players will also have a chance to mine STACK, the governance token for Stacker Ventures, a community-run VC protocol and accelerator. 

BeTheHouse Ready to Hit the Mainstream Gambling Market

Unlike EarnBet, BeTheHouse is not a blockchain-based casino, but it still retains many of the unique characteristics of the EarnBet brand, including support for dozens of cryptocurrencies. 

BeTheHouse features both in-house titles and games crafted by the market’s best-known casino software developers. A quick look over the game catalogue will unveil old school and newly-released games from multiple categories, including dice, slots, and table games. 

Albeit its huge title catalogue, BeTheHouse’s value proposition doesn’t lie solely within its games. Rather, the casino has chosen to implement a series of lucrative player incentivises. Soon enough, players will be eligible to earn 20% rakeback on all wagers placed through the platform. Through its unique leveling system consisting of 120 levels, players can obtain guaranteed prizes as they advance on their BeTheHouse gameplay journey. 

The casino will also distribute STACK tokens to players in a proportional manner, based on the daily number of points accumulated on the designated leaderboard. STACK will hold great utility within the Stacker Ventures DAO, allowing token holders to vote on capital deployment, startup acceleration, and other proposals. 

Announcing BeTheHouse’s First Player Promotions

It’s often been said that winners begin early, so BeTheHouse is hosting several promotions designed to award the casino’s first users. With over 60 ETH up for grabs on four events, there’s a chance for everyone to win some valuable ETH. 

Through the Lucky Launch Draw, one winner will pocket an impressive 10 ETH in exchange for betting over $100 during the first two weeks. The Daily ETH Giveaway will last for 30 days, providing a prize pool of 30 ETH for players that climb up the leaderboard. 10 ETH is up for grabs by affiliate marketers with the lucrative referral promotion that also yields up to 40% in revenue share. Lastly, BeTheHouse is also hosting a 10 ETH grand prize Gleam giveaway for users looking to complete simple, yet effective marketing tasks. More exciting promotions should be expected in the short term. 

Benefits to BET Token Holders & The BET Gaming Network

The BET token holds inherent utility within EarnBet by enabling users to access a share of the casino’s profits, as well as a lower house edge. BeTheHouse launches with the commitment to use 20% of its revenue to buy back BET, thereby creating a deflationary mechanism that will greatly benefit existing holders. 

BET’s utility is now being expanded through the BET Gaming Network (BGN), a group of next-gen casinos looking to positively disrupt the crypto gambling market. In exchange for BET buyback commitments, BGN will help new casinos with licensing, software development, and white label commercialization. 

Check out BeTheHouse, EarnBet, the BET Gaming Network, and Stacker Ventures. Follow BeTheHouse on Twitter and Telegram

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