Dragontar Club Announces Mainnet Launching World’s First Combinable Component NFTs

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Press Release: DRepublic has announced the world’s first combinable, component NFTs with the mainnet launch of Dragontar Club. 


12th January 2022, Virgin British IslandDragontar, the world’s first combinable NFT project, has announced the launch of its mainnet. Aimed at showing gamers, for the first time, that in-game tokens can be tradeable, swappable, and taken apart, Dragontar has been customized to open up a plethora of possibilities in the way NFTs can be used. 


Dragontar Taps Into EIP-3664

Blazing an untrodden path, Dragontar will allow gamers to bid, trade, and collect components instead of NFTs, thus ensuring that users can seamlessly remove or add certain NFT components on the platform. Leveraging the immense potential of EIP-3664, a streamlined NFT infrastructure, and on-chain development delivering significant and functional improvements, this project will seek to revolutionize the existing NFT space. 

The EIP-3664 is combinable, separable, and modifiable, hence offering developers an opportunity to create and launch all kinds of NFT operations on the immutable, distributed ledger, blockchain technology. 


DRepublic founder T.Y. stated that:  


“Dragontar Club represents the next generation of NFTs – modular and combinable, customizable and ever-evolving – that will open up a wide range of new use cases to attract gamers and NFT enthusiasts. While the NFT market is saturated with NFTs that are cold, static, and lifeless, Dragontar Club is a rallying call for more dynamic and vibrant NFTs that can unlock endless possibilities.”  


Besides being a pioneer project, these Dragontar NFTs also serve as showpieces of the growing Cradles community. A representation of Cradles’ unrelenting focus on community growth, owners of these NFTs will have the right to take part in mini-games and, in turn, receive sizable rewards. Furthermore, owners of these tokens will be able to remove or add any accessory they see fit while also retaining the right to efficiently swap these tokens. 


EIP-3664 Compatibility

Utilizing the EIP-3664 standard, these modular NFTs are also compatible with tokens standards — ERC-721 and ERC-1155 — two standards that are used in blockchain-based games and allow for developers to deploy an infinite number of tokens through a smart contract. Dubbed the final token of Ethereum, the ERC-1155 is an ideal token quality and, not surprisingly, is compatible with the Dragontar NFTs. 


Metacore – A Workplace & Marketplace 

Unlike other NFTs, once bought, holders can just trade on them. EIP-3664 NFTs need a workplace for players to execute operations on, so the Dragontar team has published an all-in-one platform — Metacore, a brand new workplace, and marketplace for 3664 NFTs. Once users get a Dragontar NFT, they simply need to visit Metacore Labs, then click on Workplace to begin making operations on their NFTS. 


Currently, the Dragontar NFTs are listed on tofuNFT. Drepublic Labs has already announced that the team will keep updating the Dragontar components for the community, with 1 to 2 free components per month, which will be reserved only for Dragontar NFT holders. Prospective users can join the Dragontar Discord Channel now.  


Dragontar NFTs

As part of the Cradles and Dragontar mission to increase the use cases of NFTs, a new mini-game is in the works, which will offer even more opportunities for users to Play-And-Earn. Each of these Dragontar NFTs is now being sold for 0.69 BNB and will be needed to play the mini-game. Interested parties can visit the Dragontar Club to learn more about the first-ever combinable, removable, and swappable NFTs. 


About Dragontar 

Dragontar is the world’s first combinable, removable, and swappable NFT. According to the project website, it was designed primarily to act as a tool for the proliferation of the Cradles community. Being the first customizable NFT, Dragontar will allow owners to add or remove accessories to the tokens, delivering an interactive and satisfying non-fungible token experience. 


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DRepublic Links

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Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Tib Palin

Contact Email: tib@cradles.io 


DRepublic is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only.

The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. 



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