Golteum Set For Long-Term Success After Fireblocks Integration

A new project is changing the face of the crypto market. Armed with a riveting presale success, this new token, Golteum (GLTM), is giving the big fries a run for their money. 

The Golteum (GLTM) multi-asset project offers users a transparent and accessible platform for trading and ownership of precious metals and cryptocurrencies. With a special emphasis on security, they have teamed up with Fireblocks to give their users a platform to keep their precious metal assets with 100% peace of mind.

This is coming at a time when many BNB investors are nursing doubts, especially considering the controversy around Binance and its founder CZ. With Golteum’s FireBlocks integration, these investors are seeking a haven in GLTM.


Binance Controversy Impales Investor Confidence

Binance recently ran into legal trouble after the SEC (Securities and Exchanges Commission) sued the giant crypto exchange for alleged illegal operations in the US. They claimed Binance founder, CZ, was misusing and diverting investor funds to a privately owned entity for manipulative trading purposes.

CZ denied these claims, but the scrutiny had impacted the BNB token, causing it to lose about 8% of its value in one day. Even though it has since recovered and appears to prosper, many holders are still wary of BNB’s overwhelming attachment to a central entity. Therefore, many have started looking for new options like the asset-backed Golteum platform.

Golteum gives investors a secure and safe investment with huge returns. This became more evident after the Boston Consulting Group predicted that the market value of tokenized assets (GLTM’s area of specialization) could reach $16 trillion by 2030.

So then, let’s look more into Golteum.

Golteum (GLTM): A Secure Platform For Your Real-World Assets

Golteum (GLTM) is a multi-asset Web3 project where users can freely trade tokenized precious metals and cryptocurrencies. The Golteum ecosystem comes with a lot of utilities and most recently teamed up with Fireblocks to strengthen digital assets security on the platform.

Fireblocks is tested and proven as one of the best providers of secure Web3 infrastructure for storing, issuing, and moving digital assets. Users will enjoy a top crypto security platform where digital assets are protected and block off any unauthorized transfer or minting of tokens.

On top of that, Golteum has also implemented Chainlink’s Proof-of-Reserves mechanism to provide verifiable on-chain tracking of asset-backed tokens. Therefore, anyone can check Golteum’s records and confirm that it really does hold what it claims to hold. The platform also utilizes Chainlink’s price feeds to provide up-to-date and accurate prices for cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

Apart from ensuring asset security, the Golteum team has further boosted investors’ trust in its transparency by conducting a thorough audit with CertiK, a top-tier crypto audit platform. Thus, the token’s smart contract has been declared clean and free of vulnerabilities.

Also, Golteum’s team members have undergone KYC verification procedures with CertiK. Six core members have thus been awarded the CertiK silver KYC badge as evidence of transparency and accountability.

Golteum Presales Still On The Rise

Golteum is gathering a lot of buzz from its ongoing presale, as many investors are getting reeled in by its amazing range of utilities. The first round sold out rapidly under 48 hours, with each token going for $0.0074. In the second round, which is currently ongoing, you can get each GLTM token for $0.012. The minimum purchase amount is $50, with a 15% bonus on top of each purchase.

Are you still hesitating? Consider this: experts have predicted that one GLTM token will be worth $5 or more when it lists on major exchanges. That represents a profit margin of about 41000% if you buy now. Get in on the presale now and take charge of your future.

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