Latest Shiba Inu Scheme Unmasked, Investors Ditch their SHIB to Join InQubeta Presale

InQubeta (QUBE) continues to attract investment capital to its presale, establishing itself as one of the best cryptocurrencies to purchase in 2023. Investors stand to grow their investments by up to 4x thanks to the progressive price changes in each of its presale’s ten stages.

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu (SHIB) investors are ditching their tokens in unprecedented numbers as the latest scheme targeting its token holders is exposed. The scam unfolded on Twitter with malicious accounts impersonating Shiba Inu’s project lead, Shytoshi Kusama, promising rewards to users who registered their accounts. This isn’t the first scam targeting cryptocurrency holders and some have even accused the entire Shiba Inu project of being a pyramid scam since it’s a meme coin with no real utility besides serving as a store of value.

Shiba Inu investors dumping holdings and buying up InQubeta (QUBE) tokens

A growing number of Shiba Inu investors are dumping their holdings in favor of cryptocurrencies like InQubeta which provide real-world utility and have long-term growth potential. Shiba Inu rode the Dogecoin (DOGE) meme coin wave that saw a massive influx of investment capital go into new altcoins that also featured the Shiba Inu dog breed featured on Dogecoin’s platform.

The meme coin hysteria came to an end when the 2022 crash sent their prices plummeting. Some loyalists are still holding on, but others are dumping their holdings in favor of projects that provide the opportunity to recoup their 2022 losses by the end of the year.

InQubeta is one of those projects as it links artificial intelligence (AI) startups with potential investors, sidestepping the barriers of conventional investment avenues while pouring more capital into startups that need it to advance the technology. InQubeta takes a crowdfunding approach to allow investors to secure equity in AI firms. Its platform also empowers its users to play a significant role in the project’s operations and development.

Getting equity in AI startups through the InQubeta network

Companies that need funding can raise capital on the QUBE network by creating non-fungible tokens that represent equity in their makers. These NFTs are evaluated by InQubeta’s operations team before being listed on the marketplace where investors can learn more about their makers and acquire the NFTs of companies they think have bright futures. $QUBE deflationary tokens are used for all transactions in the InQubeta ecosystem.

Investors can also stake their $QUBE to gain extra rewards sent out frequently from a dedicated pool. Holding on to $QUBE tokens is a viable long-term strategy since there’s a fixed supply of 1.5 billion and deflationary protocols that foster price growth. Some projections have $QUBE prices rising by up to 4,000% after the project is launched.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) might be all bark and no bite

Meme coins like Shiba Inu have always been controversial in cryptocurrency spaces due to their lack of utility and their prices being based purely on investor emotions. The CEO of Bigger Entertainment, Steven Cooper, made waves earlier this year when he accused the project of being a pyramid scheme designed to promote spin-off tokens.

Cooper, once a SHIB holder, abandoned the project in 2022 due to frustrations with Shiba Inu executives refusing to make changes to the platform’s focus. Shiba Inu holders recently being targeted by scammers is just one more reason for holders to seek more rewarding and safer investment opportunities.


The InQubeta presale continues to pick up steam as investors eager to be part of the AI revolution buy up its tokens. QUBE provides easier access to investment opportunities in the sector while advancing the development of AI-powered goods and services.

InQubeta investors are poised to earn exponential returns as investment in the AI sector increases to $1.5 trillion by 2030.

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