Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR) and DigiToads (TOADS) Show Bullish Signs as Bitcoin (BTC) Consolidates below $30K

A recent analysis of crypto market leader Bitcoin suggests that prices are currently consolidating just below and around $30K. While the good news is that this is better than continuing to suggest losses, it still isn’t exactly what investors have been hoping for: they want gains. And for many newcomers to crypto, Bitcoin is often the first place they look. For others: it’s the only token they’ve even heard of. But the reality is that there are far more profitable tokens out there if you dive a little deeper. Other tokens that are both solid cryptocurrencies for beginners and coins that are primed for growth. Each of LTC, Monero, and DigiToads is showing bullish signals, and they could be the perfect answer if you want a better investment choice than Bitcoin. Here’s why now might be the perfect time to invest:

DigiToads (TOADS)

DigiToads (TOADS) has a remarkable number of benefits and unites the worlds of meme coin popularity with utility and fundamentals. As inflation becomes a much bigger issue for the world’s economy, TOADS could be the best answer, thanks to increased burn rates, growing scarcity over time, and a truly deflationary model. But that’s not the only benefit of TOADS: this altcoin has tons more.

Via a 2% transaction tax, funds will flow into the TOADS swamp arena and be available for rewards every season. This remarkably fun ecosystem will allow you to compete for these rewards with your own unique TOADS companions. By feeding and nurturing your TOADS as you battle it out, they will grow to new levels of power, making them even stronger in the battle arena. This fully-comprehensive P2E model is one of the most fun ways to invest ever seen in the crypto world.

And the current presale from TOADS continues to break new ground, having already surpassed $6.1 million in sales: a figure that’s only going UP. There are still discounts available at $0.047 per TOADS token, which will rise automatically when it officially launches via the best ico sale ever and onto BitMart and Uniswap.

Monero (XMR)

As a private and secure cryptocurrency that keeps your investments both private and secure, Monero is one of the most established altcoins on the market. And while the last couple of years have been difficult for XMR investors, recent indications show that a bull move might be on the way. That’s why it remains a solid investment moving forward.

Litcoin (LTC)

LTC addresses issues with BTC by creating a more usable, lighter, and affordable alternative in the digital finance world. It’s still got plenty of room to grow, especially if bullish predictions are correct for the next few months. It’s also a great option for your portfolio right now.


LTC, XMR, and TOADs lead the way as the best options for your crypto portfolio in the current climate. They have much more room to grow than BTC and have been predicted to have a better few months ahead. Especially TOADS, which continues to thrive during their presale. Consider snapping up discounted prices while they’re still available if you want to see your portfolio skyrocket upon launch.

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