NEAR Protocol Stumbles and Falls 20%, InQubeta Presale Selling Out Fast

Despite the larger crypto market experiencing an uptrend, NEAR Protocol has been impervious to the rally as it experiences a downswing and falls by 20%. With even more downtrends to follow because of increased selling pressure, NEAR Protocol is fast becoming less attractive to investors. Amidst this, InQubeta, the revolutionary AI marketplace and crowdfunding platform, and its utility token, QUBE, currently in presale, are selling out fast.

InQubeta (QUBE) aims to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for AI startups and crypto investors

InQubeta aims to become the first AI marketplace where members can purchase stakes in AI startups through fractionalized NFTs. In addition, it is also the first crowdfunding platform where AI startups can raise funds. By building a mutually beneficial ecosystem for investors and AI startups, InQubeta is creating a suitable environment that spans the AI and cryptocurrency landscapes. This makes its adoption more imminent and investments in its utility coin, QUBE, appealing.

Through InQubeta’s marketplace, investors can own stakes in promising AI projects or products through fractionalized NFTs. Similarly, AI entrepreneurs or developers will be able to raise funds for their projects by minting investment opportunities in their projects and offering them as equity-based NFTs to investors. Furthermore, investors will be able to fractionally invest in AI startups, which grants them the flexibility to choose their commitment levels while still enjoying the whopping benefits that come when the projects flourish.

InQubeta is a high-growth token as it also offers the opportunity to earn residual income, among other perks. The token can be staked on the platform in exchange for rewards. Furthermore, the token also gives voting rights to holders. Additionally, as a deflationary token, holders should expect an upward trajectory in value as the token’s total supply reduces over time.

InQubeta’s presale has taken the spotlight in the crypto scene as it surges in popularity and sells fast. At the time of writing, over $850,000 has been raised in its presale, which is just in its first stage. Furthermore, over 70% of the tokens allocated for the stage have been sold out, which is additional proof of its increasing popularity within the crypto landscape. A token is currently valued at $0.00875, which experts believe is very competitive because it will skyrocket before the end of the year. According to them, it will soar and surpass 2,000%, which makes it a mouthwatering investment.

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NEAR Protocol (NEAR) trades in the opposite direction of the crypto market as it slumps by 20%

NEAR Protocol is a layer-1 blockchain designed to be a computing platform to eliminate low transaction speeds and throughput. Despite the broader market trading in an uptrend, NEAR Protocol has been trading in the opposite direction, falling by 20%.

After NEAR Protocol’s slight rally in mid-April, it has been in a gradual decline since then. By being impervious to the current market uptrend, NEAR Protocol has become less compelling to investors. Consequently, investors are opting for more viable investments than NEAR Protocol, which signals even more downturns.


Amidst the current excitement within the crypto space and the market rally, NEAR Protocol has been in a downtrend, plummeting by 20%. With even more downtrends, considering bearish indicators, NEAR Protocol is becoming even less appealing to investors. On the other hand, InQubeta has been experiencing presale success as its tokens have been selling out fast. With over $850,000 raised so far, InQubeta is poised to record even more success as the presale continues and after launch.

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