*NEW* Aptos Struggles Despite New Partnership, as EOS Gains Approval on Japanese Exchange. Domini Shines in the Market

Aptos ($APT) suffered a downtick in the days leading up to August 31, 2023, perhaps due to a market correction after short-term sellers took profits. Similarly, EOS ($EOS) saw positive news in Japan, but was still feeling a hangover from the August 17 market crash.

On the other hand, projects like Domini ($DOMI) foster a positive long term outlook. So, which is the best crypto to invest in? Let’s start by taking a look at Aptos ($APT).

Aptos ($APT) Price Spikes on South Korean Partnership News

On August 26, 2023, Aptos ($APT) announced its new partnership with the Lotte group, a major South Korean conglomerate. Aptos ($APT) will provide support to the Lotte Group in the development of its Web 3 ecosystem, including NFTs. The partnership will likely help Aptos ($APT) expand its global footprint, especially in the world of traditional consumer businesses.

Following the announcement, the Aptos’ ($APT) price shot up by 7% from $5.63 to $5.96 between August 26 and 29. .

However, it’s worth noting that Aptos’ ($APT) momentum has shifted since August 29. Aptos’ ($APT) price has fallen from $5.96 to $5.74, registering a 3.7% decrease between August 29 and 31. The retrace might be attributed to a price correction as sellers took profits after  the August 26 partnership announcement.

As for Aptos’ ($APT) performance in the upcoming days, aside from the recent price drop, the moving average indicators for Aptos ($APT) remain strongly bearish.

Let’s see if EOS ($EOS) has similar prospects.

EOS ($EOS) Recovers Following Downtick Triggered by Market Crash

EOS suffered a major downtick around August 17, 2023, when the market went through a flash crash. EOS’ price fell from $0.71 on August 15 to $0.57 on August 18, a significant dip of around 20%. However, there appears to be a silver lining for EOS recently.

On August 30, 2023, EOS announced that it would start trading on the Japanese exchange BitTrade in September later this year. This will allow investors to exchange EOS against the Japanese Yen, making it more accessible to investors. This positive development should help EOS grow its presence, especially in the emerging Asian market.

Following the announcement, EOS’ price rose by around 7% from $0.58 on August 29 to $0.62 on August 31.

But despite this positive development, EOS’ EMA and SMA 20 indicators still point towards an oncoming bearish trend.

So, if not EOS, is Domini ($DOMI) a good crypto to buy?

Domini ($DOMI) Presents Investors with Unique Opportunity and Major Gains

Domini ($DOMI) is the art marketplace of the future. Traditional art marketplaces have a lot of drawbacks and inefficiencies. Domini ($DOMI) aims to eradicate these shortcomings and introduce a newer model using blockchain technology.

Domini ($DOMI) lists its artworks in its digital gallery, where users can trade ownership of these assets. If you’re not sure which are the best NFTs to buy, Domini ($DOMI) also offers advisory services to its users. As you level up your art knowledge, Domini ($DOMI) also makes it easier for you to buy the artwork you like. Domini ($DOMI) does this by using a concept called fractionalization.

This basically means that artwork ownership is broken up into many pieces. It is then distributed to a group of people rather than just one person having individual ownership. By doing this, Domini ($DOMI) helps democratize access to the art market for the masses at large.

Domini’s ($DOMI) real-world impact makes it an extremely promising investment in the long run. But you can also expect returns from Domini ($DOMI) in the short term.

Domini ($DOMI) is currently going through its presale at a price of $0.0021. This price will soon rise to $0.0035 and eventually reach $0.0154, which is a gain of 340% for investors looking for lucrative returns. And if that’s not enough, Domini ($DOMI) is also offering investors a 10% bonus on deposits if you use the promo code “DOMI10” now.

For info about $DOMI, visit the Domini presale or Join the Community

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