OKX Partners With HashKey Group – Meme Moguls Outshines Bonk and Other Memecoins With Revolutionary Features

OKX announces a partnership with Hashkey Group following OKX Ventures’ investment in the startup’s fundraising round, bringing some positive news to the crypto market at large. However, the latest development has had little or no impact on OKB price, OKX’s native token. 

Similarly, Bonk has seen a big price drop as it struggles to ride on the back of hype in a highly volatile market. Concurrently, Meme Moguls–which is strategically positioning itself among the best crypto to invest in 2024, is changing the narrative for the memecoin market with the launch of an innovative marketplace.

OKX Partners With HashKey Group: Will it Have Positive Impact on OKB Price?

Typically, a notable announcement like this drives optimism among investors and subsequently drives up the value of the native tokens involved. Sadly, the announcement of OKX’s partnership with Hashkey has had little to no impact on the OKB token.

Currently trading in the ranges of $45 to a little above $46, OKB price reflects a weekly decline of nearly 14%. While the slip in price has been ongoing for some time now, the overall monthly average price also reflects a nearly 17% decline from the previous monthly average price of $55.

While this appears to be a temporary price retraction, market analysis suggests that the price may not go any further than $42 which marks the yearly average. Regardless, the current price offers a good entry point for investors seeking the best crypto to invest in for long-term gains.

Bonk Struggles to Keep Up Amids Market Volatility, Forces Investors to Prioritize Utility Over HypeAnother token bearing the brunt of the ongoing market downturn is the Solana-based BONK coin. The Memecoin which rose to stardom recently following its listing on popular exchanges like Coinbase and Binance has been facing harsh reality with diminishing hype.

Besides, the current crypto downturn has forced investors to seek fresh alternatives and more importantly, utility-driven cryptocurrencies with more potential. With BONK coin currently trading in the ranges of $0.0000077 and $0.0000098, investors are dumping the memecoin for other promising initiatives like Meme Moguls which have recently taken the stage.

Meme Moguls Is Revolutionizing the Memecoin Market With Innovative Marketplace

For roughly a decade since the first memecoin, Dogecoin, was launched, there has been increasing criticism about memecoins including the recently launched BONK coin lacking real utility value. In most cases, many perceive this category of crypto coins to be primarily hype-driven, which inadvertently restricts their overall growth and sustainability.

In an attempt to change the narrative, Meme Moguls (MGLS) is introducing a first-of-its-kind meme-backed marketplace where participants can buy, sell, and stake their memecoins for substantial rewards. Meanwhile, beyond offering a meme-backed exchange, Meme Moguls offers diverse opportunities through which it aims to make participants their own moguls.

By participating in the Meme Moguls ecosystem and earning $MGLS tokens, participants can accumulate wealth and enhance their meme trading skills. Particularly, there is a gaming section consisting of simulated investing features, where users can compete in virtual stock market trading games and ultimately rank in a leaderboard while also learning how to invest and build wealth.

Another thrilling feature here is the Moguls World, a metaverse experience that fosters connections among members, enabling them to mine tokens, participate in liquidity pools, and engage in token staking.

At the heart of its operation lies the $MGLS token, serving dual functions as an in-game currency and a governance token. This dual functionality enhances the Meme Moguls native asset’s utility, positioning it competitively among leading cryptocurrencies.

As of writing, the MGLS token is priced at $0.0036 in the fifth stage of its ongoing token presale, reflecting over 250% increase from its initial launch price of $0.001. The increase in value is credited to the implementation of a dynamic pricing model, where the token’s value increases progressively with each stage of the presale until the official launch of the project.

This unique approach not only provides an accessible entry point for traders but also positions MGLS tokens as one of the most promising cryptocurrency for beginners to invest in.

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