Oly Sport Made History With “One of the Most Successful Ido Token Sale of All Time”

The “Race to earn” NFT eSport Game is attracting not only NFT games players but also the Crypto community. $Oly had been sold out after only 3 minute on community pool.

Oly Sport set the record for “The Fastest IDO Token Sale”

As previously scheduled, Oly Sport launched IDO at 4:00 AM UTC, November 2nd. This project achieved the most unexpected success by having all the $OLY Token sold after only 3 minutes on the community pool and also becoming the first Horse racing game in history to join the “Metaverse”.

olysport metaverse

The successful IDO launching also reflects that the gaming community is certainly interested in Oly Sport – the startup project from Canada. Jimmy Chan (CEO of Oly Sport) stated: “At the moment, no other game can create such a powerful connection like what Oly Sport is doing now”.

Oly Sport – Differences lead the way to success

Oly Sport is an NFT Game that revolves around horse racing which attracts a lot of people. The most special feature of Oly Sport is the uniqueness of each NFT horse: Every single NFT horse has its own unique bloodline and DNA created based on sophisticated Genetic Algorithm (GA). Therefore, no two horses are the same.

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More interestingly, Oly Sport allows players to breed new NFT horses by choosing 2 NFT horses for breeding – one male and one female. Breeding is done by a sophisticated genetic algorithm (GA) that takes portions of the parents’ DNA and transfers it into a new horse.

Unlike other “Play to Earn” NFT games, Oly Sport took a different path and introduced a “Race to Earn” mechanism. Players can take part in various horse-related activities such as breeding, upgrading barns, raising horses, and preparing them for races.

In the near future, Oly Racers will even be able to participate in Esports tournaments – which is expected to soon become the standard for horse racing in the field of eSports. This is the grand vision of Oly Sport: Bring future to the community and make Virtual Horse Racing the world’s leading sport.

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Most remarkable, Oly Sport is the first game in the world that allows players to participate in both racing and investing in a virtual horse farm/virtual racecourse to have the chance to get rewarded with real estate through NFT. This solves the risk of token devaluation and also is the difference that made the success of Oly Sport, which had already been proven in the first IDO Event.

After this successful round, Oly Sport will IGO (Initial Gaming Offering) at GameFi on November 6th. More information will be announced at Oly Sport’s official channels:

+ Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/olysportofficial

+ Twitter: https://twitter.com/oly_sport

+ Telegram News: https://t.me/OfficialOlySportNews

+ Telegram Group: https://t.me/OlysportOfficialGroup

+ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/DXgJSRmbQq

+ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/oly-sport

+ Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/olysport

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