Prime Trust Officially Broke, InQubeta Investors Expecting Superior Yields And Profits After QUBE Launch

In the ever-volatile and rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, fortunes can shift overnight. As Prime Trust, a renowned crypto custodian, finds itself on shaky ground, investors in the promising AI-focused InQubeta (QUBE) project are anticipating superior yields and profits following the official launch of the QUBE token. With Prime Trust owing customers more than $80 million in cash, according to recent court filings, the cryptocurrency market finds itself in an unprecedented situation, one which could potentially reshape the industry.

InQubeta’s Unique Proposition Amidst a Custodian Crisis

In the wake of the Prime Trust debacle, InQubeta offers an alternative and refreshing proposition for the savvy crypto investor. The project’s innovative concept is designed to bridge the gap between investors and AI start-ups by creating a more accessible and democratic investment ecosystem. This platform opens up opportunities for investments in AI start-ups, fostering an environment ripe for growth and success.

InQubeta’s presale campaign has already garnered significant attention, raising over $1.7 million, indicating a solid investor belief in the project. This confidence is further buttressed by the InQubeta’s roadmap, which includes the introduction of an NFT marketplace and the InQubeta DAO, adding layers of functionality and potential rewards to the platform.

Custodian Trust Crisis: The Plight of Prime Trust

Prime Trust’s fall into financial woes marks an unsettling development for its customers. The firm has reportedly acknowledged it owes more than $80 million it doesn’t possess, creating an environment of uncertainty and distrust. As a crypto custodian, Prime Trust holds a unique space within the market, and its financial issues could potentially have significant repercussions on its customers and the industry at large.

Expectations Following QUBE Launch

As the launch of QUBE token approaches, investors are keenly anticipating superior yields and profits. The deflationary ERC20 token, QUBE, provides a unique investment opportunity. It has a 2% buy and sell tax going to a burn wallet and a 5% sell tax that goes to a dedicated reward pool. QUBE holders can earn rewards through staking their tokens, a lucrative incentive for investors expecting healthy returns following the token’s launch.

The QUBE token is also designed to act as a governance token, empowering holders to actively participate in the platform’s decision-making processes. This ensures that the community’s voice is heard in shaping the platform’s development and future direction.


In the face of financial issues plaguing traditional crypto custodians like Prime Trust, InQubeta’s novel approach to democratizing investments in AI start-ups presents a promising alternative. With the impending launch of the QUBE token, investors are set for a potential boon. As the market navigates these turbulent times, InQubeta stands as a beacon of innovation and promise, poised to deliver superior yields and profits to its investors.

Despite the uncertainties and volatility, the cryptocurrency market remains a vibrant space for innovation and growth. As the traditional custodial system encounters challenges, innovative solutions like InQubeta could potentially lead the way, reshaping the industry’s future and providing investors with opportunities for substantial rewards.

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