Shiba Inu (SHIB) breakthrough ushers in a new era of confidence, while DigiToads (TOADS) fuels unprecedented momentum

The blockchain sector allows many different ideas and communities to thrive. Shiba Inu took the cue from Dogecoin’s rise and has created its own community. DigiToads (TOADS) is the new kid on the block, with the addition of utility to what its predecessors have achieved.

Such decisive directional moves are what separate new projects. There are hundreds of new tokens that simply repackage what has come before. Memecoins are usually associated with internet hype but no utility or roadmap for future implementations. Dogecoin set the trend and put on a deliberately unserious front and went only with a cyclic interest in the meme concept.

DigiToads is looking to become a difference-maker in this regard. The project has raised over $6.2 million in its presale, a remarkable feat in its first few months. DigiToads is heading for full launch on 21st August 2023 after the presale concludes on 15th August 2023.

Shiba Inu’s recent surge

Dogecoin went on for seven years as the only significant memecoin. Once it had historic growth in 2020, a similar coin quickly shot to the leaderboard. Shiba Inu (SHIB) sought to become the Dogecoin killer and has since created a vibrant memecoin community.

Shiba Inu has recently found some resurgence, and things are looking up for SHIB. It has a market cap of approximately $4.5 billion, just about half where DOGE’s market cap. Shiba inu looks to continue to create its online presence and dislodge Dogecoin as the standard bearer of the Shiba Inu meme that has made the coins famous.

DigiToads looking to revamp the memecoin scene

Even as DOGE and SHIB do their part, DigiToads is looking at the big picture. DigiToads straddles the memecoin fun and hype but also operates as a play-to-earn gaming token like Axie Infinity and MANA. Such a strategy ensures that participants can remain on the platform without constantly hoping to flip the token for speculative ends.

This project could be a glimpse into the future. It also integrates NFT collectibles into the gaming journey. Players can mint NFTs to boost their earning potential in the game. Additionally, the platform provides an opportunity to stake the collected NFTs. Staking NFTs is fantastic because the player can gain a share of TOADS transaction fees while ensuring that more NFTs remain locked and preventing an oversupply in the market.

The DigiToads presale is at its ninth of ten stages. You can get the token for $0.047 and the price will tick up to $0.05 by the final stage. Investors who scooped the token early have already made a return of 370% and will have made about 450% at the launch price of $0.o55.

The structured rollout goes in line with the project’s roadmap. This level of organization bodes well for a memecoin looking to onboard users through its utility and roadmap. Users can mint the NFTs at


The dynamic between pioneer and subsequent cryptocurrencies is fascinating. Shiba Inu has found a place even after taking up Dogecoin’s identity. However, the market can only take so many covers of a classic.

Accordingly, DigiToads has created its unique course, which is a hit with investors. The project is launching its gaming ecosystem on 21st August 2023 for users to create value in the ecosystem. The success of this project can be a watershed moment for memecoins. It is not enough to just have a famous meme as the backdrop. There could finally be room for memecoins whose value is more sustainable for investors.

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