StreamCoin Celebrates 1st Anniversary With Continuous Growth

StreamCoin is celebrating its first anniversary by recalling what the company has achieved in the past year and sharing what it has in store for the future.

While StreamCoin was established on August 1 last year to provide a more suited platform for global creators and artists amid the rapid growth of live streaming during the post-COVID-19 pandemic, it has since evolved into a blockchain brand that creates a fair and open environment for users in the cryptocurrency, NFT, and live streaming space; it is now a company more geared toward the “new normal.”

Among the developments within the company since its inception was its big boost in research and development for the StreamCoin ecosystem after seed funding. These funding rounds saw growth for MeiTalk, STRMNFT, and Stream Chain (Mainnet 1.0).

To ensure the global adoption of its ecosystem, StreamCoin also started forging partnerships with numerous blockchain and live streaming platforms, including a momentous collaboration with Real Research, a blockchain-based survey application with over 4 million users in more than 165 countries. The platform also partnered with notable live streaming platforms to elevate MeiTalk’s multi-streaming feature.

StreamCoin has also achieved more of what it promised in its initial roadmap before the second round of its initial coin offering (ICO) ended. Notably, the platform introduced the GaStream (GSTRM) utility token, which was distributed to eligible public sale participants via airdrop. GSTRM was then later listed on multiple exchanges.

On March 25, StreamCoin was invited as a platinum sponsor to TNC Group’s World Live Streamers Conference (WLSC) 2022, where StreamCoin CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh impressed over 30,000 investors, industry leaders, and influencers, among other attendees. During WLSC, the firm also announced the launch of MeiTalk’s Alpha version and teased its NFT platform, STRMNFT.

April also saw Streamcoin successfully conclude its public sale and hit a soft cap of $11.7 million, along with corporate ICO participation from TNC of 200 million STRM. Furthermore, the platform partnered with blockchain firms, Aladdin Pro, WeBlock, Metabase Network, Daoverse Capital, and more during the same month.

Interestingly, StreamCoin burned STRM, its governance token, in several rounds until May 6, which saw the cryptocurrency’s total supply decrease by more than 50%.

Following the burning rounds, STRM was simultaneously listed on over 100 exchanges during the first week of May — a record in the industry.

Meanwhile, the STRM Staking portal was launched, which offered up to 700% returns in GSTRM. Furthermore, StreamCoin introduced the Stream Bridge swapping service, making the STRM coins cross-chain compatible with five blockchains.

StreamCoin remained focused on expanding its services, resulting in the launching of its own NFT marketplace dubbed STRMNFT. Consequently, registration on the platform was opened, allowing users to mint NFTs for free for a period of time.

In July, the sale of the Lady Ape Club (LAC) NFT collection started on STRMNFT — the first on the platform. Despite the cold crypto winter, 9,000 Lady Apes were sold out within just four hours, a record high in NFT sales.

Amid StreamCoin’s aggressive push, it says it will continue developing its ecosystem and implement new features that will better cater to users. The team claimed that it is “more energized than ever” to achieve more milestones.

“We will move forward with the development of STRMNFT, improving users’ experience and adding new features, along with opening it for all creators to create, trade, and collect NFTs,” the StreamCoin team wrote in a blog.

“Moreover, we will also continue the development of MeiTalk in line with our roadmap.”

StreamCoin revealed that the platform would start burning 50% of STRM accumulated from their service fees monthly. The team mentioned that it would keep users posted via its official channels.

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