Terra Luna Classic and Everlodge Are Up 150%, Where Next For These Top Altcoins?

The TerraLuna collapse was a dark day for crypto, but as always, the market has recovered, and so, it seems, has Luna – now called Luna Classic. A new altcoin and an exciting project – Everlodge – is selling through its presale quickly, and there are just days before the price increases again.

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Why is Luna Classic Pumping now?

After the stablecoin UST lost its peg and Luna collapsed, it was renamed Luna Classic (LUNC) to distinguish it from Luna 2.0, the coin that was issued by TerraForm labs to replace Luna 1.0. 

But many community members remained interested in the original coin, and have been working behind the scenes to restore Luna Classic to its former glory.  Or at least to make it a profitable coin, especially for those who took a gamble and bought in when it crashed.

The pump for Luna Classic started on the 26th of November, when USTC (TerraClassicUSD aka UST 1.0) began to show signs of recovery as a result of re-peg proposals finally taking effect. As USTC surged by over 300%, traders began to get excited about the future of Luna Classic.

Since then, Binance capitalized on the explosive interest in Luna Classic by adding a new trading pair for the token. This surprise listing coincided with LUNC prices surging nearly 60% in the 24 hours. The rally comes on the heels of Binance burning 4 billion LUNC tokens last week across the 16th round of its token burn program aimed at decreasing supply.

Luna Classic is now up by around 255% on the monthly chart and up down by 6% in the last 24 hours.

Why Everlodge is potentially about to experience a 320% increase

Although Luna Classic may seem tempting and could continue to rise, detractors have pointed out that the latest proposal to reduce the validators could be risky for the coin, especially since Binance now have a lot of sway in the coin’s future. And that explains the recent downturn.

For those looking for a coin with a bright future, Everlodge’s ELDG might just be the better bet.

Everlodge is a brand new project in presale, that aims to revolutionize the vacation property market. Think Airbnb meets web3. Except democratized. Airbnb started off serving regular people who had a spare bedroom to share, or wanted to let their house out whilst they went away. But as time went on, the market shifted to buy to let landlords and ever-increasing prices.

This seems like an apt representation for the exclusionary nature of the vacation rental market. Until now that is. Everlodge is aiming to facilitate co-owenership of elite properties, using blockchain tech. Following the hot trend of RWA (Real World Assets), Everlodge will obtain and tokenize hand-picked properties and sell fractions to their community. These fractions will be represented by legally backed NFTs.

This means ordinary investors can now get involved in this lucrative market, with fractions starting from as low as $100. A luxury villa in the Cayman Islands, or a beachside home in LA? These are just two of the possible options that investors will have to choose from, when making their portfolio. 

No credit checks, no hassles, no large deposits or mortgages needed. Instead of paying interest to banks for high mortgages, buyers will receive passive income from the rental yields and their tradable NFTs will increase in value as the property price increases.

ELDG is still in presale and expert analysts predict that the coin will jump by approximately 320% in the coming weeks and months. Given the fact that we are now in a bull market, these estimates may even prove conservative, making this an excellent time to get on board.

For more information, visit the Everlodge website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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