The Best New Cryptocurrency: InQubeta and Pepe coin

Every crypto season comes with an influx of new cryptocurrencies that compete to capture the attention of crypto enthusiasts. The large volume of cryptocurrencies sometimes makes it hard for many beginner cryptocurrency investors and experts to find valuable cryptocurrencies among those vying for investors’ attention. Choosing the right projects for your crypto portfolio becomes easier through careful observation, research, and consultation.

This year, a few cryptocurrencies have stood out in the market. InQubeta (QUBE) and Pepecoin (PEPE) are two valuable cryptocurrencies that have been on fire since the start of 2023. Investing in these two projects is one of the best ways to ensure that you secure a good future profit. They both have profitable ecosystems that will likely remain valuable for a long time.

InQubeta (QUBE) Hits the Market with Exemplary Presale

Since the start of its presale, InQubeta has consistently been high on the list for many crypto investors. The presale is divided into ten stages in total, beginning with the Beta stage before commencing stages 1 to 9. The Beta stage sold over $400,000 after selling out the allocated 65,000,000 QUBE tokens.

There are 975,000,000 QUBE tokens to be sold in total, and each presale stage has a designated number of tokens available. The price of the QUBE tokens increases at the start of each presale stage, starting at $0.007 in the Beta stage and has now moved on to $0.00875 in Stage 1. The presale stages will end with a $0.0308 token launch price. This ensures that early investors can gain value from the DeFi token as it surges.

The InQubeta presale presents a novel opportunity for investors to own stakes in the innovative platform before it launches officially. Given that InQubeta provides a link to the AI technology market, it only makes sense that investors will want to invest in the presale before the token launches due to discounted prices. InQubeta takes a different approach to AI investment by creating a platform where AI startups and potential investors can easily get what they need.

InQubeta is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which powers its innovative NFT marketplace that connects investors and AI startups. The AI startups embed special rewards in NFTs that are then listed on InQubeta. This way, investors can peruse the selection of NFTs to pick those that align with their investment goals.

The investors pay for the NFTs with QUBE tokens, ensuring transactions are processed seamlessly and efficiently. After a transaction, the AI startups are given the funds they need to run their projects. InQubeta has also built a community of investors committed to the startups’ success. These features become available to investors and QUBE holders once the token launches on the DeFi market, further emphasizing the need to participate in the presale before it ends.

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Pepecoin (PEPE): The Memecoin Making a Difference

Many investors are fascinated by the rise of Pepecoin, a new meme coin that brings a new perspective to the business. It was launched at the beginning of 2023’s second quarter and immediately began gaining many supporters. A large proportion of its community is due to the huge profit potential presented by PEPE.

Pepecoin is based on the popular internet sensation Pepe the Frog. Crypto has been able to leverage the power of internet popularity to create a coin that builds profit for investors. It may soon be one of the hottest meme coins in the crypto market.


InQubeta and Pepecoin have been on fire since the beginning of the year. At their current pace, they may become the most profitable cryptos in 2023. This is why many investors are trying to invest in InQubeta’s presale before it ends.

QUBE’s presale is still in its initial stages, which means there is still the opportunity to make significant money from the QUBE DeFi token.

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