The Bitcoin Family is advancing into the future with Bitcoin Spark

The Bitcoin family comprising Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is embracing the cryptocurrencies’ future with the entry of Bitcoin Spark (BTCS). Bitcoin Spark is the new Bitcoin-inspired currency presenting a unique opportunity for investors to onboard the Bitcoin Family and enjoy the security of BTC and the scalability of BCH.

Who Created Bitcoin?

Bitcoin owes its existence to an individual or group using the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym and published Bitcoin’s whitepaper in 2008. The Bitcoin network launch occurred in 2009 with the release of the open-source software implementation. The network became operational on January 3, upon the mining of the genesis block by Nakamoto, who played a central role in Bitcoin’s early development. Nakamoto eventually faded from the public eye in 2010, handing over control of the project to the Bitcoin community. Since the first transaction of 10 BTC transfer by Nakamoto to Hal Finney, the crypto ecosystem, including DEXs and wallets, has grown around BTC. The Bitcoin family represents alternatives addressing various BTC limitations.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

Bitcoin Spark is a cutting-edge Bitcoin alternative striving to make Bitcoin more inclusive and accessible by optimizing and decentralizing its processes. Bitcoin Spark strives to address the shortcomings of Bitcoin, including mining, transaction rate, costs, and smart contracts. Bitcoin Spark presents the core Bitcoin tokenomics but with increased TPS, low costs, smart contract integration, and an opportunity for anyone to mine.

Bitcoin Spark uses an all-new blockchain technology called “Proof-of-Process” (PoP). This consensus is a cross of the Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. The first-to-market PoP strategy strives to optimize the mining process and prevent the dominance of a few well-off individuals by creating a stable network and ensuring fairly distributed rewards. BTCS’s two-prong strategy rewards validators for confirming transactions and providing processing power to the network users in need.

Bitcoin Spark levels the mining fields through the availing of tools for everyone to mine by renting out the network’s processing power. Its goal is to distribute mining rewards and moderate energy consumption by renting out processing power. As such, miners must provide the stake and prove work done through remote computing to earn rewards, and the higher the stake and work done guarantees high rewards. However, the correlation between stake and reward is non-linear, meaning the reward system is skewed more to work done being a revenue generation product.

Bitcoin Spark presents a distinguishing feature where users can virtually rent out the processing power through an application utilizing higher-level permissions to resource management. The mining devices require excellent internet connections and network speeds of at least 50 Mbps for better mining results. As a result, mining and transaction processing allows unlimited devices, which enhances security and speed while avoiding network congestion.

Bitcoin Spark will commence ICO phase one on August 1 through a low entry point of $1.50 and 20% bonus. Imagine buying Bitcoin when it was only $1 and watching your investment peak at $60,000+. Given the current BTC price, what if you could turn back time and buy Bitcoin at only 1$? It would be much more accessible than the current highly-priced BTC value. This path is the trajectory Bitcoin Spark follows, and the early investors always have the advantage on worthwhile projects like BTCS.

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Bitcoin has gained significant attention and popularity over the years, and many individuals and institutions have seen substantial returns on their investments. It has the potential for high volatility, which can present opportunities and risks. Bitcoin’s price can experience significant fluctuations, which may provide profit opportunities but also carries the risk of potential losses. Its limited supply and growing adoption have contributed to its value appreciation, and recent interest by mainstream financial giants has the potential to increase its value over the long term, considering its scarcity and widespread acceptance. It’s paramount to conduct thorough research, appreciate the risks, and carefully appraise investment goals and risk tolerance before deciding whether to invest in any other cryptocurrency.


With Bitcoin Spark, the Bitcoin family opens endless possibilities for an array of financial opportunities previously inaccessible within the traditional mechanism. Built on Ethereum, Bitcoin Spark achieves its goals by addressing the security, scalability, and speed of the BTC infrastructure and introducing smart contracts.

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