The Next-Gen Crypto Evolution Has Already Solved ESG Issues Without Compromising Freedom to Innovate!

We’ve already solved it!   We don’t need central authority coercision or elite banks protecting their privilege to solve environmental, social or governance (ESG) issues. 

The new generation of crypto technology has already solved the problems being raised in the G7 + Countries, particularly with regard to the ESG standard promoted through the World Bank. 

NuGenesis has zero-emission blockchains, including Bitcoin Green.  It has been working with Governments seeking to use blockchain technology perfect government administration and have access to international capital.  These Governments have expected zero-carbon emission, AI-based KYC/AML to ensure legitimate commerce and a blockchain Code providing legal recognition to crypto asset instruments and standards for blockchain projects.  

NuGenesis is successfully testing its newest Bitcoin-security based Blockchain releases to prove that:

  1. though BitCoin NU ,  (Completed) working with ex-Bitcoin devs, we have proven that with code change alone to remove unnecessary complexity and consequent computational power, most of the environmental problems can be minimised.  Simultaneously, we can achieve scalability and efficient transaction speed: that is to 1 minute block finalisation, increasing the transaction speed from 45 T/per second as compared to the current 7 T/per second. By reducing the unnecessary complexity, mining can be achieved by ordinary users on their laptops as intended by Satoshi.  We prevent the ASIC mining that uses the unnecessary resources.  The ‘Treasury’ Offset anti-carbon system: to offset the carbon footprint of the BTCNU mined, we have added an offset treasury wallet to collect a portion of mined coins to fund ‘carbon offset’ programs such as deforestation projects.  
  2. through BitCoin Green, we achieve the 2nd phase in making Bitcoin tech completely green. This blockchain uses proof of useful work AI as at consensus mechanism.  We incorporate NAVIS (NuGenesis Artifical Validation Intellegence System) to ensure system security and integrity.  Dedicated sub-treasuries are available for specific ‘carbon offset’ projects reforestation and soil rejuvination.  Minting mechansims and staking protocols replace the current halving algaorithims and complexity rates.  The speeds here are testing at 1,500-100,00 T/per second

Both chains will be added to the Nugenesis Ecosystem. Both will be used to offset carbon footprints and be specifically directed by the code to fund the reforestation and soil rejuvination. 

The NuGensis flagship

NuGenesis’ flagship blockchain is a fully operational blockchain network system which is already at zero-carbon emission.  It is way past the POW vs POS debate!  

NuGenesis uses Proof of Authority with useful work AI (Artificial Intelligence) as one of several consensus mechanisms to reduce unnecessary computational energy expenditure.  

NuGen uses system validator nodes run on the randomness of the round robin protocol and monitored by AI to avoid corruption.  Being gas-less, there are no requests from 1000’s of validators and fee actions.  The streamlined validation process, through the super nodes with byzantine fault tolerance and randomness, reduces unnecessarily superfluous broadcasting through validation networks.  

It integrates blockchain load balancers and system validators to efficiently flow data into infinite parallel processing blockchains. It achieves unlimited scalability and transaction speeds.  The more users, the faster the transaction speed!  

Who is NuGenesis?

NuGenesis has been working with Governments seeking to use blockchain technology to liberate its people thorugh technical innovation, collobration and access to global markets.  2/3rd of Governments are not part of the Bank of International Settlements!  They suffer the same asymmetry from elite banking hedgemony that has propelled the Crypto market revolution.   With an integrated Cryto code they seek to attract investment and expertise that mass adoption offers: legal recognition for digital (non-human) estates and wills; DAOs; crypto payment instruments and arbitration of disputes.  Digital Passports, KYC/AMC verified by AI, will enable users to transact in recognition that they have identity integrity and even on a zero-knowledge proof basis thereafter for privacy.

The time for the Crypto industry to unite against the threat!

We have proven that with freedom to innovate, technology can solve the purported problems.  This freedom is under threat.   We have proven that standards can be achieved without coercion or compulsion from central authorities.  

There is no room for the Crypto industry ‘wars’ between competing platforms: NuGenesis has shown that they can be completely interoperable.  

NuGenesis parallel processing blockchains are multilingual cross chains allowing dApps built on Eth, Substrate, Bitcoin and other language systems to be seamlessly interoperable.

NuGenesis calls for unity – check out our explorers!  Put the blockchains to the test!   

We ask project bridge and parallel process their sovereign ecosystems.  We can collaborate, share innovations, build on successful iterations, without compromising independence.  

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