Top 3 Undervalued Tokens for September 2023: Borroe.Finance ($ROE), Lido DAO ($LDO), Conflux ($CFX)

Lido DAO ($LDO) and Conflux ($CFX) went bearish in August 2023. While Lido DAO ($LDO) recorded a minor price surge, Conflux ($CFX) took a significant loss. Right now, investors say the best cryptocurrency for investment in Q3 and Q4 2023 is Borroe.Finance ($ROE). Borroe ($ROE) sold 25 million tokens within five days in the last week of July. Let’s delve into the profit potentials of these tokens.


Borroe.Finance ($ROE) Set to Deliver a Massive ROI to Early Investors in Q3 2023

Borroe.Finance ($ROE) is the world’s first web3 blockchain invoice discounting NFT marketplace. This decentralized AI-powered fundraising platform helps web3 businesses and content creators raise instant cash by selling future digital earnings. On Borroe ($ROE), users can mint their future digital income into trending NFTs and sell them at discounted prices. BlockAudit recently verified Borroe ($ROE), which means the token is safe from exploits.

In addition, Borroe ($ROE) released its smart contract address to the public to foster transparency and trust in the project. Borroe ($ROE) is selling for $0.0125, and the token will surge 20% and sell for $0.0150 in its next presale stage. After the presale stages, Borroe ($ROE) will trade for $0.0400 on major crypto exchanges. This price action will deliver huge returns to early Borroe ($ROE) investors.


Lido DAO ($LDO) Goes Bearish in Late August 2023

On August 25, 2023, the circulating Lido DAO ($LDO) supply increased after the platform unlocked 8.5 million tokens to Lido DAO ($LDO) investors. In addition, Lido DAO ($LDO) whales sold nearly 8.2 million tokens worth over $12.3 million in August.

According to data from Santiment, Lido DAO ($LDO) whales cut their holding from 96.5 Lido DAO ($LDO) tokens to 88.3 Lido DAO ($LDO) tokens.

Experts say Lido DAO’s ($LDO) extra token supply and the subsequent sell-off by whales led to a bearish price movement for the token in late August. According to analysts, Lido DAO ($LDO) is one of the best altcoins with great staking features, and the token will surge when the bull cycle returns.

Conflux ($CFX) Record Double-Digit Price Dip

Earlier in 2023, Conflux ($CFX) joined the league of top altcoins after crossing $1 billion in market cap. The token passed this milestone after Conflux ($CFX) partnered with large-scale companies, including Xiaohongshu (a Chinese social network), McDonald’s, and China Telecom.

Conflux ($CFX) became a unicorn after hitting its one-year high on March 22 when the token traded for $0.457. Despite this massive ecosystem progress, Conflux ($CFX) entered a bear run in Q2 and Q3 2023.

On August 1, 2023, Conflux ($CFX) traded at $0.1783. Conflux ($CFX) lost 27.49% within the month. According to analysts, Conflux ($CFX) may sustain its extended bear run till the end of 2023, and Borroe ($ROE) is the best crypto to buy for reliable ROI in September 2023.

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