VeChain Price on The Rise as markets rally, Promising Crypto AI Platform, InQubeta To Follow Suit

VeChain (VET) investors have seen their portfolios rise by over 30% in value in the past month, while InQubeta (QUBE) is poised to grow by 400% during its presale. VeChain is one of the solution-based cryptocurrency projects that have experienced price growth despite bearish markets. Its platform enhances business processes and supply chains, streamlining information flow and processes through distributed ledger technology for supply chains.

InQubeta is another solution-based project that has generated lots of interest during its presale with over $1.4 million worth of tokens sold early on. The price increases that occur at each of its ten stages allow investors to grow their investments by 4x. InQubeta skirts the entry hurdles many mainstream investment mediums have, making investments in artificial intelligence easier to access for millions of people.

InQubeta (QUBE) emerges as the most promising AI-crypto

The artificial intelligence industry has reached many milestones in recent years, leading to a tremendous increase in investment capital directed at the industry. Only $12 billion was invested in AI as of 2015, but investments grew to $120 billion by 2022. Current predictions have that number surpassing 1.5 trillion by 2030, an indicator that many AI-linked projects have bright futures.

InQubeta’s Ethereum-based blockchain combines the power of non-fungible tokens, blockchains, and smart contracts to create a seamless, transparent investment process. It’s an alternative to traditional investment firms for those who don’t have access or prefer the decentralized nature of blockchains.

AI startups looking to raise funds can do so by selling equity-based NFTs on the InQubeta network. These tokens are made on the blockchain and listed on the marketplace where investors can acquire them with $QUBE tokens. It’s an easy, straightforward process that makes it easier than ever to secure partial ownership of promising startups in the artificial intelligence sector.

AI is set to cause massive disruption in the next several years

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform the world in ways that are difficult to imagine. Self-driving vehicles, humanoid robots that can perform menial tasks, and AI software like ChatGPT that makes anyone a programmer will have significant impacts on many industries.

Countless jobs will be lost to automation, but AI will also create opportunities savvy investors can earn substantial profits from. That’s guaranteed whenever there’s a technological revolution. People who backed dotcoms like Netflix in the early 2000s earned significant profits from their investments and the same applies to those invested in cryptocurrencies early on. Things won’t be any different for those who invest in the right AI startups. InQubeta’s platform makes it easier to access such opportunities.

VeChain (VET) expected to enjoy more growth

The VeChain platform helps to streamline supply chains by enabling high-speed value transfers, efficient communications, and transparent information flow. Supply chain data processes are typically compartmentalized in silos with multiple stakeholders, dividing information flow.

VeChain aims to break this ineffective structure by allowing businesses to retain power over their data while providing a complete view of any information linked to a process or product, giving stakeholders more market transparency.

Investors have seen the value of their VeChain investments grow in the past month and more is expected thanks to the solutions it provides. However, VeChain isn’t expected to keep up with InQubeta’s projected growth.


Solution-based altcoins are defying bearish markets and attracting investors while many other projects see their prices shrink. InQubeta provides easier-to-reach investment opportunities in AI while helping the flow of capital to AI startups that might end up disrupting industries.

QUBE gives investors the chance to increase their investment by 400% during its presale. Prices are expected to rise exponentially once the project is launched and tokens are available on exchanges.

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