Why Sei (SEI), Everlodge (ELDG), and Injective (INJ) Are Pumping This Week

This week has seen significant surges in the values of Sei (SEI), Everlodge (ELDG), and Injective (INJ). Most notable is Everlodge, as it is currently running a presale for its token. Let’s explore the reasons behind this sudden market movement and provide insight into the underlying factors driving these pumps.

Everlodge (ELDG) Unlocks Luxury Real Estate for All

Analysts note that the global real estate market is worth $280 trillion, yet only a small fraction of the population can afford to invest in it. Everlodge aims to bridge this gap by offering fractional property ownership and democratizing access for all types of investors.

Everlodge does this by leveraging blockchain technology to tokenize real estate assets into fractionalized NFTs. Now, anyone from anywhere in the world can invest as little as $1,00 into luxury properties previously out of reach.

This unique use case of blockchain technology has garnered significant attention and caused the ELDG token to soar by 170% during the ongoing presale. With more than 280 million tokens already snapped up, it is clear that investors are excited about the potential of Everlodge.

ELDG is not just a symbolic currency but also has utility within the Everlodge ecosystem. Token holders will receive passive income for staking, governance rights, free stays at luxury properties, and more as Everlodge expands and partners with hotel chains and property developers. 

Specialists within the real estate industry highlight that the substantial $280T market is primed for disruption, and Everlodge is well-positioned to do just that. Therefore, gains of 3,000% on launch aren’t out of the question, especially if the presale buzz carries over to the public sale.

Sei (SEI) Coin Price Analysis

Sei is a layer-1 blockchain built for high-speed transactions and trading applications. This means Sei can be thought of as a decentralized Nasdaq that runs in the background of any trading platform, enabling users to have a seamless trading experience.

Sei is currently the top performer when looking at all projects in the top 100 on CoinMarketCap. The new market entrant is up 50% in the last 24 hours to a current price of $0.35 and a market cap of $820 million. Such a huge pump is not common for a project with a nearly $1 billion valuation. 

Market analysts explain that the sudden bullish trend is attributed to people realizing that Sei is the only protocol in the market built specifically for trading. With the rise of DeFi and GameFi, Sei could become one of the most valuable infrastructure projects in the space. 

Sei is expected to continue moving up the rankings, with a top-10 spot in 2024 projected by some experts. Technical analysis shows that Sei’s price must be above the $0.32 level to maintain the bullish trend, with a potential target of $1.00 before the end of 2024.

Will Injective (INJ) Hit $100?

Injective is a blockchain built for the finance industry. Notably, Injective works on top of other blockchains, it allows for shared on-chain order books, and there are zero gas fees on the Injective DEX.

These advanced features have helped Injective stand out in a crowded market. The Injective price has surged from $1.30 at the start of the year to a current price of $37, with 100% of these gains occurring in the last two weeks.

The upcoming Injective airdrops are another contributing factor to its recent pump. Several projects are building on Injective, and many are now offering airdrops to Injective holders. This removes selling pressure as holders lock up their INJ tokens to quality for the airdrop. 

Overall, market sentiment for Injective is extremely bullish, with some experts predicting a price of $100 in Q1 of 2024. It is also worth noting that Injective is at all-time highs, so there is no previous resistance to holding back the price. 

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