XRP Continues bullish surge – DigiToads presale explodes As $7 million Target Hits The Horizon

Regulatory developments are one of the most significant movers of crypto markets. Ripple is a perfect case study for this effect, even as it looks to move beyond a lawsuit that had hamstrung its movement. This project looks to reassert itself in a market where tokens like DigiToads are thriving.  

There is a thin line between a cryptocurrency and a security, even going by the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) own enforcement. The agency takes the general angle that cryptocurrencies that offer investment contracts to holders are securities. DigiToads (TOADS) is reliant on its utility for growth and has not come under the SEC’S scope

This project has just entered its tenth and final stage of a successful presale. Lilypads 10 starts with DigiToads having already raised $6.5 million in the four months their presale has been running. The end is near, on the 15th of August 2023  the presale will end with the project to launch on 21st August, 2023.

XRP shakes off its SEC blues  

Ripple has had a regulatory cloud hanging over it for years. On July 13th, 2023, a federal judge gave the project a jolt by ruling that it did not violate securities laws by selling XRP laws on public exchanges.

This news was a welcome relief to XRP holders. Crypto traders receive the news positively with XRP market capitalization going from about $25 billion to $36 million in the week after the news broke.

XRP has become one of the pull factors for a struggling market after years of being a curious case. Traders are looking at this news as an indication that the agency could finally be off this sector’s favorite tokens. The SEC’s lawsuits against Coinbase and Binance are ongoing, but the markets were eager to run with the hot token.

DigiToads is an alternative hot token in the market

Even as XRP falls into positive territory again, DigiToads has been on a roll for weeks. This exciting memecoin is now retailing at $0.050 in the final stage of its presale. Early investors have made a 400% return on investment from their holdings so far.

The community foresees the project eclipsing the $7 million mark soon in the presale. This confidence is an extrapolation of the investor onboarding so far. DigiToads is one of the few tokens in the market with definite pull and positive price action, with a 450% ROI at launch.

Why is this token hot? Well, it is a memecoin, but with a unique edge. This project operates as a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that allows participants to create value. It still retains the fun aspect of a typical memecoin. However, the basis for sustainable growth is game participation and not exclusively meme notoriety.

For these reasons, analysts project TOADS as the next 100X token. DigiToads also allows players to mint and collect NFTs. Collectors can then stake their NFTs with the platform to earn a percentage of TOADS transaction fees. This ability to stake and create more value by locking valuable in-game items adds to the allure of the game. Users will be able to stake NFTs after launch on 21st August 2023. In the meantime, minting NFTs is possible at https://mint.digitoads.world/


The resurgence of XRP is a positive development for cryptocurrency markets. Investors are hoping that this significant token can drive another rally. DigiToads could have more upside because it is at its formative stages and has more room for growth relative to established projects.

The DigiToads launch is now less than a month away. This project has had an epic presale and should launch with similar excitement come August 21st.

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