CPROP and SeriesOne Announce Joint Venture to Build and Operate  Digital Asset Securities Exchanges

Bitcoin Press Release: CPROP and SeriesOne have joined forces to form SeriesOneX, a company that will build new digital asset securities exchanges across the globe. 


1st April, 2021, Kentucky, USACryptoProperties LLC (“CPROP”) is pleased to announce it has formed a joint venture with SeriesOne Securities LLC (“seriesOne”), a US-based FINRA-registered broker. The new company, seriesOneX LLC, will focus on building securities exchanges in key financial centers around the world to serve as a regulated marketplace for digital asset securities. 


SeriesOneX Exchange

The first exchange is planned to be located in Liechtenstein, a European financial center and member of the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union: A country which has created an enabling framework for such blockchain-based exchanges. SeriesOne has already conducted the market research and laid the groundwork locally to launch the project. 


Sandy Selman, Co-Founder of CPROP commented: 

“The alliance with seriesOne is key to helping us realize our commercial objective of leading the long-anticipated evolution of regulated securities exchanges, particularly for real estate-backed securities. While we have invested our resources in developing the exchange design and software, the ability of seriesOne to deliver liquidity is a critical component to ensure its success.”


CPROP Virtual Summit

CPROP’s virtual summit, “The Future of Exchange-Traded Digital Asset Securities”, features Liechtenstein’s Director of the Office for Financial Centre Innovation at the Ministry for General Government Affairs and Finance. The discussion will focus on how the country has positioned itself to host digital exchanges. SeriesOneX plans to leverage its success in Liechtenstein to build additional exchanges in other financial centers, including a location in the United Arab Emirates.


CPROP Co-Founder Luke Sestito added: 

“SeriesOneX will function using the CPROP ecosystem and bring real value to our token holders. With the rapid expansion of the DeFi market, we see an opportunity to harness the DeFi strategies being implemented by seriesOne and their new Yieldster platform” 


SeriesOne To Launch DeFi Fund

SeriesOne is launching a Bahamas-based decentralized finance (“DeFi”) fund, YieldsterTM, designed for institutional investors and family offices to help them invest in digital security markets. The seriesOne team hopes Yieldster will eventually reach as much as $1 billion in AUM and can help jump start the Liechtenstein exchange by providing liquidity. 


Michael Mildenberger, CEO and Co-Founder of seriesOne stated:

“We believe that our joint venture with CPROP will significantly accelerate digitization of the financial services industry and make investing in digital asset securities accessible to all mainstream investors”, 



The combination of CPROP’s state of the art exchange technology and the new seriesOne Yieldster liquidity engine places seriesOneX in an optimum position to establish digital asset securities exchanges across the globe. 



CPROP develops and deploys proprietary and white-labelled applications across the real estate value chain – harnessing blockchain where appropriate – to help its partners and clients reduce business risk, address pain points and capture new revenue opportunities. The CPROP token is listed on ProBit Exchange and can be traded against ETH. 


About SeriesOne

seriesOne is a leading US-based fintech company and FINRA-registered broker/dealer offeringdigital financial products. seriesOne consists of a global team of professionals with strong investment banking, compliance and technology backgrounds. In addition to its offices in Miami and New York, seriesOne is present in Zurich, Seoul and Singapore.


Media Contact Info

Contact Name: Luke Sestito

Contact Email: luke@cprop.io


Learn more about SeriesOne – https://seriesone.io/

Learn more about CPROP –  https://cprop.io/

Buy the CPROP token on Probit Exchangehttps://www.probit.com/en-us/


CryptoProperties LLC is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. 







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